Kathy Ingram is a seasoned professional with 40 years of training experience.  She has trained dogs of all breeds, ages and temperaments.  Kathy has a unique vision for training.  She evaluates both the dog and the owner to design a program that benefits both.  Her programs are based on positive reinforcement, fun and the communication necessary to develop a respectful and happy working relationship.  In addition to obedience and agility training, Kathy also assists in therapy dog training and behavioral consultation.  She currently works with local rescue groups with temperament evaluation.  No matter what your need might be, Kathy can help you and your dog.


Her career in dog training started with a dog club in Southern Maryland.  She taught all ranges of obedience classes from basic through advanced.  During this time Kathy also worked to get a UTD title on her own dog.  In addition, she worked with many of her students to help them attain a variety of different titles in obedience work.  Kathy has competed in conformation, agility, rally, and obedience at the top levels. Her last two dogs were ranked #1 in the country in agility. Kathy has attended invitational and agility nationals each year. Not only is Kathy extremely successful in her competition endeavors, she currently has a student junior that has been selected to represent the United States overseas. Currently, Kathy is working with her own two Dobermans in both obedience and agility.  One of her Dobermans was Top 20 in the breed, has earned top titles in Rally, currently holds a MACH 6 in agility and finished 1st in the Doberman section of Invitationals. (Only the top 5 dogs per breed are invited) Her other Doberman is a conformation champion and has just achieved her 10th first MACH in agility and is working towards other obedience and agility titles.


Kathy's students range in age from 7 to 82.  In addition, she works well with all breeds of dogs and all dispositions of dogs.  The experience of her students ranges from showing professionals to the stay-at-home mom.  Her clients may have her work with just one dog, or many of her students have multiple dogs that she can work with.   So no matter what your situation is, Kathy can develop the right program for you. Kathy's students compete in all competitions from scent work, to agility and obedience. 

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Our indoor facility is a 5000 square foot space with HVAC and Greatmat floor coverings.

Our outdoor facility is a covered 8000 square foot arena which features sun screens and a Big Ass Fan for comfort.